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iMac Repairs Portsmouth

  1. Apple iMac Repairs Portsmouth

Apple iMac repairs are all carried out in store and we can repair all  faults with your Apple iMac products including screens, keyboards, track pad faults, charging issues, over heating, software problems and upgrades. At the Phone Repair Doctor in Waterlooville just off the A3 near Portsmouth One of the most common repairs we have found with Mac’s is due to overheating. The powerful fans that keep your iMac from overheating actually suck dust in at the same time. After a few months and years this starts to build up and cause issues.  The only real solution  you can do is once a year clean your mac by opening it. This would require some skill in most cases and please be very careful when trying to do this, even better idea let us clean it for you. With the warm summer months just around the corner this can cause real problems and even cause your iMac to stop working and worse. If you have any questions please contact us


iMac repairs portsmouth

The 5 Most Common iMac Repairs

1. Liquid Damage – People stop sharing your cup of tea with your Apple products.

2. Dust causing over heating

3. Software issue – Updating issue.

4. Machine Slows due to lack of Ram or Hard Drive

5. User error

We do carry a range of hard drives and ram to ensure repair times are kept to a minimum. We can do a data transfer service which will move all your personal information from your old hard drive to your new hard drive with no loss of information. If you call us and explain your issues or problem we can usually have the part in store before you even bring your beloved iMac into us. We promise to take care of it…

 All these problems are easily fixed by our skilled technicians call us for some free advice today.

We can even pick your iMac up if you live in Portsmouth

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