iPhone 6 Plus Repairs

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iPhone 6 Plus Repairs

iPhone 6 Repairs

Does your iPhone 6+ look like this?

iPhone 6+ Repairs 

Repair your iPhone screen within 30 minutes!

iPhone repair is our thing! We understand the importance of your mobile device!

That's why we pride ourselves on quick iPhone repairs completed with quality parts and backed with a 365 day warranty; for your peace of mind.

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iPhone 6+ Screen Repair

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Complete iPhone 6+ screen in black or white

  • 1 Year Warranty On Part
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  • Quicker Repair Time
  • ​Free Tempered Glass Value £15



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iPhone 6 Screen Repairs

Our Company Ethos

Paul TraillM.D

As the owner of Phone Repair Doctor, my team and I strive to offer a hassle free, fast and friendly customer experience. Ensuring that you and your device are treated with the best possible care and attention.

As a company we always ensure that trust, value and integrity is translated with each and every repair.

You can trust us to do the job!



All iPhone 6 repair all faults from charging issues, cameras to batteries.



Your information is treated with the greatest respect at all times. 


Quick Time

We aim to repair 95% of devices with 24 hours of starting the repair.

iPhone 6 Repairs - Cash for faulty iPhone

Top 10 iPhone 6 Plus  Repairs

At the Phone Repair Doctor in Waterlooville just off the A3 near Portsmouth we can make repairs to all makes and models of iPhone here is out top 10 fault

        1. iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair - This has to be the most common iPhone 6 Repair, shattered, smashed, dropped and run over iPhone screen glass.
        2. iPhone 6 Plus  Lcd Repair - The Lcd underneath the screen has lines, funny colours or is just completely black due to accidental damage
        3. iPhone 6 Plus Liquid Damage - Caused because your iPhone has come into contact with water, alcohol, toilet, swimming pools etc. Please do not put it into rice as this will not stop the phone from corroding on the inside.
        4.  iPhone 6 Plus Battery - Battery life becomes poor as in 4-5 hours rather than all day. If its really short like 1-2 hours then it more likely to be our next repair.
        5. iPhone 6 Plus Home Button  - When your iPhone 6  home button stops working or usually not there because its been dislodged when the screen has been broken. We can replace the home button but unfortunately the finger print recognition wont work again.
        6. iPhone 6 Plus Charging Port - This is where the lightening connector or lead plugs into the iPhone. This gets dirt, debris, pocket lint and moisture in. Then the iPhone wont charge correctly.
        7. iPhone 6 Plus Camera Issues - We can replace both front and rear cameras. They usually fail because of liquid or a drop. Most of the iPhone 6 camera repairs are just the glass lens and can be completed in 30 minutes.
        8.  iPhone 6 Plus Power Button - This is usually just a wear and tear issue. Just imagine how many times that button has been pressed!!
        9. iPhone 6 Plus Frame Bending - Ohh yes they bend. Usually caused by people having the phone in there back pocket. We can remove the screen and main board and then straighten these devices. 
        10. iPhone 6 Plus Charging ic - This is a fault that usually accrues on the mainboard usually by the use of non genuine chargers. Its basically a fuse that wont let the iPhone charge anymore.

iPhone 6 Plus Repairs